Module 6: My Experience….

This module was by far my least favourite. I have so much going on in my life right now. The amount of time spent downloading and learning to use new applications or websites is just a tad ridiculous. My priorities are being shifted, and not because I want them to. My kids are not getting the time of day they need. I’m always working. The end can’t come quick enough. 

Voki is not my friend. I don’t know what I was doing wrong. I followed all the steps on the blog and on Voki and still had no luck. Creating the avatar was fun the first time around. By the tenth time I’d had enough. I recorded my speach over and over again on Voki. Every time I hit publish, my recording would disappear.  I tried recording on my phone and uploading but the file was silent. I tried again, recording on my computer and uploading, but it wouldn’t select my file. I tried on a friends phone and the same thing happened. I spent three hours recording over and over again. I was frustrated and gave up. I uploaded my speech to good old You Tube (never fails). I tried countless times, over a period of days, to create a Voki. Still no luck. 

I had a bad start to this module. The rest was easier on me. The technology intergration matrix was interesting and something I can see myself using. Blooms digital taxonomy was easy to understand, but long winded and repetitive. I have used Rubistar before. I love this site! It makes creating rubrics simple. I will continue to use Rubistar. 

I won’t lie, I don’t think I’ll be using as much technology in the classroom as most would like. I will use it, but only where I feel it will benefit. A talking avatar may sound like fun, but is it necessary? In my opinion, no. I won’t be wasting my and my students time fiddling around on websites when I could be teaching them something important. Technology is only a tool, not an outcome. Face to face interaction is far more valuable, and context is lost through screen/online communication. 


Should we be Giving Children Unlimited Access to Devices or Should we be Limiting Screen Time?

During this online course, I have read countless articles about incorporating technology into the classroom. I find most articles neglect to say anything negative about technology use. Are we really benefiting from the extra screen time? Most children go home and spend their free time staring at screens/devices. Children no longer have an imagination. Is it a race to stay on top of the latest trends or is it damaging our children? Communicating face to face is far more personal than looking at a screen. How far are we willing to take the use of technology? Have we already gone too far?  

Picture Retrieved From: Nipawin Cumberland College March 24, 2015.  

#saskedchat on Twitter

Well, that was interesting. I wasn’t expecting that kind of experience from Twitter. This chat site will be the main reason I continue to use Twitter. 

I enjoyed reading people’s comments and answering the questions. It was great to see so many opinions and presented in a healthy manner. I was nervous to jump into any conversations. I was enjoying being the “creeper” on the side. 

It was slightly overwhelming at first, but it was easy to catch onto. I gathered more followers on my journey tonight, and followed many. Technology certainly puts the world at our fingertips. 

Module 5: My Experience…

I have been rather busy this past week.  I kept attempting to get this blog finished.  I felt as though I was completing it in chunks.  This is not how I normally work.  I am someone who sits down and does the whole thing in one shot or I become flabbergasted! I have had ups and downs all week.  I had surgery on Wednesday and created my Reading Responses whilst I waited in the hospital.  It killed plenty of time, and certainly connected to BYOD.  Without my lovely new laptop, I would have been bored and scrolling through Facebook while I waited.  Instead, I got to use my time constructively! 😀

This module was enjoyable.  While completing my Reading Responses, I recognized what I wanted to do for my mini lesson. Coming up with the time to do it seemed to be more of a challenge than the actual task.  Finally, this morning I found the time to work on the blog.  I am no longer doped up and my brain is functioning!  I enjoyed creating my mini lesson.  It is something that I would use in the classroom.  It connected to a variety of areas in the curriculum and seems fun.  I wish I had the opportunity in school to create projects like my “Virtual Travel” lesson.

Everything I have learnt in this course is starting to make sense.  I do not want a paperless classroom, but I want my students to be engaged and interested in what they are learning.  If incorporating as much technology as I can into the classroom is what it takes to have my students excited about coming to school, then I’m doing it! I want to make school a place where every student wants to be, not dread.