Module 5: My Experience…

I have been rather busy this past week.  I kept attempting to get this blog finished.  I felt as though I was completing it in chunks.  This is not how I normally work.  I am someone who sits down and does the whole thing in one shot or I become flabbergasted! I have had ups and downs all week.  I had surgery on Wednesday and created my Reading Responses whilst I waited in the hospital.  It killed plenty of time, and certainly connected to BYOD.  Without my lovely new laptop, I would have been bored and scrolling through Facebook while I waited.  Instead, I got to use my time constructively! 😀

This module was enjoyable.  While completing my Reading Responses, I recognized what I wanted to do for my mini lesson. Coming up with the time to do it seemed to be more of a challenge than the actual task.  Finally, this morning I found the time to work on the blog.  I am no longer doped up and my brain is functioning!  I enjoyed creating my mini lesson.  It is something that I would use in the classroom.  It connected to a variety of areas in the curriculum and seems fun.  I wish I had the opportunity in school to create projects like my “Virtual Travel” lesson.

Everything I have learnt in this course is starting to make sense.  I do not want a paperless classroom, but I want my students to be engaged and interested in what they are learning.  If incorporating as much technology as I can into the classroom is what it takes to have my students excited about coming to school, then I’m doing it! I want to make school a place where every student wants to be, not dread.


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