Module 4:My Experience…

This module has been tough! I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life and my computer died at the end of module 3 (may he R.I.P).  So, I’ve been attempting to do as much as I can from my cell phone, on the WordPress App.

The videos at the beginning of the module were interesting. I found the presentation to be long and drawn out. However, I did find a few points that interested me…

I loved the quote, “Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome!” It stands true to me. I am all for incorporating technology into the classroom, but I am sceptical of it taking over. The five day steps of introducing social media into the classroom is something to keep in mind.

I googled myself to see what information popped up. Here are my results…

I noticed most of my findings were linked to this blog or my Facebook account. I have to say, I’ve kept my digital footprint pretty positive.

The reading response was short and to the point for this module.  I enjoyed what I read. Slowly, it’s setting in on how to make all this information applicable.

Julie and I meet on Wednesday for our collaborative Google Doc. We were pretty lost at the start. We couldn’t figure out what the table was for. Eventually we realized another group had deleted the tables contents. Not going to lie, it was a piss off. Finally, we figured out the outcome and the indicators the table applied to, with a little help from Jenna. Thanks Jenna! Once we knew what we were doing, we had few problems.

After the document had been posted, I intended to do this response right away. That didn’t happen. I hadn’t figured out how to incorporate the photos of my findings.

Ta-da! The InstaCollage App! I use it all the time. This module wasn’t as troubling as I expected it to be without a computer. I’m looking forward to Monday when my new computer arrives.  😊


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