Module 3: My Experiences…

This module was a task and a half! I I started out great. I commented on tutorials, made a few likes, completed my reading responses, and created a Twitter account. I even started my final project. The next day was our scheduled meeting on Google Hangout. I had everything ready. Michela and I started a video chat and sent invites to Lacey and Leanne.

It’s five minutes till our scheduled meeting, and my computer crashes. I rebooted and found my way back to the video chat. Everyone got into Google Documents, except me. After ten minutes of slooooow internet I got in too. The creation of the document was fun.

I enjoyed listening to everyones individual experiences with this course. The best part was when an anonymous sheep showed up in our Google Document. We chatted away about a variety of subjects, it was not limited to this course. We all had something unique to say. I uploaded our document to my blog, checked the link, and called it a night.

Wordle was my choice for my final piece. I had always been interested in the program, but had never used it. I entered a list of words that came to mind whilst creating this blog. I was ready to view it, and the site blocked Java from running. I edited settings, again and again…. And again! Still no luck. I decided to ask a friend if I could try her laptop.

A week went by and the module end date is in sight. The anxiety is getting to me. Tuesday morning comes. I’m back on Wordle, on my friends laptop. I press GO and Wordle is blocking Java from running. Uhh!

I searched for other options similar to Wordle. The best I could find, that didn’t contain countless downloads, was Word Cloud. Upload! Completed! Thank God! I am so happy to be at the end of this module. I need a break from technology…….


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