My Screencast Google Earth Tutorial


5 thoughts on “My Screencast Google Earth Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial video Robyn! Very precise and short which was great because I feel you covered everything needed to know in order to maneuver Google Earth. I haven’t really used this feature much, but I know my family likes to use it to search for things and it is very beneficial. I was thinking exactly what you were in regards to classroom use. It would be so cool for students to see where their pen pals live and what their culture/world is like. Again, great tutorial and blog! I enjoy the many things you post on it (wish I had a little more tech skill in me).


  2. I love your tutorial Robyn. I never knew that Google Earth gives you the option of having a tour guide. That feature will make me feel like fancy tourist next time I am searching the world online. I loved that you mentioned that students can learn about different cultures without having to travel anywhere. Students learning about different cultures can learn material not only to meet curriculum outcomes but also to gain important life skills! I love viewing your blog, it has been intriguing from day one! Touching on Screencast-O-Matic, I totally agree in that THEY NEED EDIT OPTIONS. In my tutorial I was able to pause then move my mouse back to the sentence I wanted to redo, but the program is touchy which made it hard to click the correct spot I wanted to redo. I would end up spending more time clicking for the correct millisecond I wanted to record over from, so I would end up restarting the entire tutorial. Such a pain.

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  3. Very nice! You were concise, informative, and provided instruction on how to use this Google app. I didn’t know you could explore the stars and other planets! What a great tool to use in the classroom to help students understand new places and other cultures. The world is truly at our fingertips. You did a great job making a tutorial that provided relevant information for use in the classroom or at home. Your video is easy to understand and kept to the point.


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